chalice candle
chalice candle

Fulwood Old Chapel

8a Whiteley Lane, Sheffield S10 4GL

Namings, Weddings and Funerals

Ceremonies tailored to suit you

Because we are not bound by religious rules and customs we can offer special and unique services for all occasions throughout your life. And what is more, you don't have to be a Unitarian to enjoy one of these ceremonies.

Babies, little ones and adopted children can all be welcomed into your family and introduced to your friends through our services. 

We tend to call these services naming or welcoming ceremonies rather than christenings or baptisms.

Marriages, weddings and partnership blessings we believe are for all, including same sex and divorcees - just as long as you can show your true commitment to each other.

The setting makes it ideal for weddings, positioned as it is in the Mayfield Valley, and being situated directly  opposite the entrance to the park of Forge Dam. There are plenty of opportunities for photographs. You can even hold small reception parties after the ceremony in our Old Schoolroom. 

fond farewell

It is always sad to say goodbye, but our funeral and memorial services offer personalised fond farewells to those you love

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